The other day I made frozen waffles for my wife. On one side they were crispy and almost burnt and on the other side they were still a little soggy. It is not my toaster, its all toasters. They suck. Thats when I thought to my self, “I wish Apple made a toaster”. Not because I am such a big Apple fan, but because Apple makes products that work. Apple cares about the user experience.
Its been a bumpy and long rode for a company that brought us the personal computer. but Apple is slowly show other companies what the future might be. Recently Apple introduced itunes on the iphone and ipod touch. This is the first time you do not have to us a PC or Mac to get songs on your ipod. Like my Nokia e70. I do not have to tether it to get a new program on it. i can download and install over the air. The internet will find a way into every device we own. this two way conversation between people and people, between people and devices, and between devices and devices is the future.
maybe in the future i can get a toaster that works perfectly every time.