Its been a while since I wrote anything on this blog.  Not that anyone noticed cause no one reads this thing except Russian Spam bots.  i have a couple of idea brewing and will post them up as soon as possible.  I recently got a position as a Social Studies teacher in Brooklyn.  I am so excited about that!

Other things on my radar are:

  1. Surfing
  2. Bicycles
  3. relational Databases and LAMP
  4. Obama
  5. Spending money I don’t have on stuff I could do without

Subbie 2.0

February 23, 2008

I own a Subaru Forester. It is the best car I have ever owned. Its small and fast. Yet it can swallow up anything I try to put in it. Great for a weekend getaway with my wife or a trip to the beach or camping. Like most Subaru owners I love this car. I proselytize this car to other people thinking of buying a new car.
That being said, Subaru needs to change a few things when the sad day comes and i need to let go of Subie.
The interior seats need an upgrade for longer rides. My wife and I are tall and we cant find a comfortable position in the front seats. Keep the heated seats. I love me some heated seats.
The cup-holders need to be moved to the floor. I have spilled too much coffee on my center console on these pull out cup holders than I have drank. Thankfully this is already done in newer models. Move the radio up on the Center console. Make the A/C heating controls auto and dual climate. Like my mom says, “Nothing saves a marriage like dual climate control”.
Make the radio an HD radio and one CD input. include an ipod audio. power/controls jack and a place to stash the ipod.
I have an auto dimming rearview mirror with a compass in it. Ditch the compass because it doesn’t work and I’ll have a GPS receiver by then anyway. Include a place to plug in the GPS receiver.
Heads up display of speed and fuel and RPM would be perfect.
The engine needs to be hybrid. I know Subaru talk a big game about Subaru loving the environment and your low impact factory, but $50 dollars to fill up my 4 cylinder car is hurting big time and Toyota and Honda have options for small box wagons too. Its a 2001 car, I should not be getting 20mpg. I suggest you go all electronic on the “Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive System”. If you put 4 electric motors at the wheels you save space in the center drive train as well as weight for two differentials. Plus the weight is moved out to the wheels which make this car even more balanced. Some guys in England did this to a Mini, you can do it to Subie.
Exterior. I own a Subaru. I don’t care about the exterior. But please use a wind tunnel to reduce drag. Sometimes I feel like most of the gas goes to fighting the drag my brick on wheels creates.
If you could put two more seats in the trunk without increasing the length of the car then go for it.
The back door needs a redo. When I have my surfboard on the rack. I cannot open the trunk.
This needs to change. I suggest that you make the rear window a retractable one into the rear door like Toyota does with the Land Cruiser

No laptop, No fun

November 13, 2007

A couple of weeks ago my laptop stopped working. It just stopped turning on. So I sent it to the Little Laptop shop in the LES. There it sat a whole weekend, alone. The techie called me on Monday to report the sad news that the problem was the motherboard. A hard to find $450 part that wasn’t worth it for a laptop this old.
I was sad. The laptop had been invaluable to me over the past year. I took class notes, read email and RSS feeds on it. Wrote reports. Used it for PowerPoint presentations while Student teaching 7th and 8th graders. Watched movies on it with my wife. Good times good times indeed.
Being away from my laptop , and using other machines, made me realize how personal computing has become. I felt at home on that Thinkpad. I had moved in and done all the interior decorating. Everything was where I wanted it. Firefox was bling’d out.
There is a good ending to this story. I gave it to my brother and he turned it on. He didn’t even do anything to it either. It just worked again. My laptop, resurrected from the dead. Now hes backing up the data and installing Unbutu on a dual boot. I hope he gives it back soon, cause i miss my baby.
laptop sical boot. I hope he gives it back soon, cause i miss my baby.

I have been using Twitter lately. It has been blowing up since SXSW, and that may be true but I got hooked on it a Macworld when Don McAllister used it to update what he was doing there.
The simplest things are great ways to break down the walls of communication between people around the world.
A great example of this is twittervision
I know the conversations are basic right now but this shows the level of community that these technologies can bring. Think of what this map will look like if a natural disaster or terrorist attack in Europe/ U.S.A.
Shouldn’t all my representative in Government have a Twitter page that I can send a message to instantly when i think of it. John Edwards does

Kottke has a great post about twitter

Google Reader

March 23, 2007

One of the many ways I consume so much internet is through Google Reader.
RSS is a God-send as well as a curse. Google Reader is the best way to read blogs hands down. I do miss some of the design of the blog on Reader, but that is overridden by the shear speed and ease of reading posts with Google Reader. the key to this web app is remebering 3 hotkeys
J=move to next post
K=move to previous post
shift+a=Mark all read ( contextual based)

Google Reader also lets you easily share interesting posts with friends and family by emailing them or producing a shared list. The export website looks real pretty to

There is a link to it in My blogroll on the right side bar

Jeez time flies
I have been pretty busy lately with the new job at Uno Chicago Pizza, and student-teaching, and Masters class. I have some projects I want to get done and that stopping me from posting. Hopefully over Easter Break I can bang a couple of things out.
To Do: video of How to make a PB&J
Video goodbye to ZeFrank