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Thats a lot of macs. There is a kid in the bottom right with a PC. While PC’s and Windows hold court in the business world, Macs have become the de-facto tool of the Cultural Creatives. Or maybe this just means that the “The Network Is The Computer”.
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Will this tip the American conscience to act?
Will this be another capitalist channeling of youth aggression into inaction?
Will this sell more itunes DL than register people to vote?
Is it too late to change the apathy of the youth?
Do they realize their power to change the reality we live in?

I have been using this link blog a lot lately.
Its made me a little lazy.
I dont post as much to my blog.  I just link.  I will look at something in my Reader and instead of talking about why I like it or dislike it i will just share it with my link blog.  The problem is that it becomes just a collection of links instead of a conversation.

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French Nuclear Power CO. ad

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a kid tells his mom he is an atheist. He records the conversation

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I have been using Twitter lately. It has been blowing up since SXSW, and that may be true but I got hooked on it a Macworld when Don McAllister used it to update what he was doing there.
The simplest things are great ways to break down the walls of communication between people around the world.
A great example of this is twittervision
I know the conversations are basic right now but this shows the level of community that these technologies can bring. Think of what this map will look like if a natural disaster or terrorist attack in Europe/ U.S.A.
Shouldn’t all my representative in Government have a Twitter page that I can send a message to instantly when i think of it. John Edwards does

Kottke has a great post about twitter

Google Reader

March 23, 2007

One of the many ways I consume so much internet is through Google Reader.
RSS is a God-send as well as a curse. Google Reader is the best way to read blogs hands down. I do miss some of the design of the blog on Reader, but that is overridden by the shear speed and ease of reading posts with Google Reader. the key to this web app is remebering 3 hotkeys
J=move to next post
K=move to previous post
shift+a=Mark all read ( contextual based)

Google Reader also lets you easily share interesting posts with friends and family by emailing them or producing a shared list. The export website looks real pretty to

There is a link to it in My blogroll on the right side bar

Digital Divide

February 24, 2007

Oya yubi sedai

which I think means “thumb tribe” in Japanese.  Cesar Studillo’s subject has grown up in a world that is dynamically different from the one ever we lived in.

 I can keep driving this idea home over and over again, but the internet, and all the subsystems of it, ( i.e. personal computers, cell phones, smart devices) is just beginning to have effects on our culture.  Those who backlash against it have not opened their eyes to how significantly different this world is.  A world of always connected.  A world of citizen journalism.  A world of democratized voices. 

It used to be that information was power.  Those that controlled information had power and doled out info like cowery beads in Africa, or wham-pam in New York.  There are no more Gatekeepers of information.  Not even Google is a gate keeper (quite the opposite).  When listening or reading world news, try and keep an eye on Governments or Corporations or trying to keep information limited.  Those organizations who try are dinosaurs now and will soon go extinct.

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Watch the video.  via Techcrunch
As an observer, consumer of History, Anthropology and Technology this video gives a glimpse of the impact that the network( the internet) is having and will continue to have on humans.  Throughout history technology has changed the paradigm of the current system.  An often we can get cynical looking at the crap thats in front of us, like how hard it is to use technology sometimes  or a Myspace page or how google doesn’t understand what your really looking for. The more connected we  are the  more the internet  learns what we really want.

This map shows internet usage in 2005. heres the link. What we can see from this picture is that about 2/3 of the world population does not use the internet.  As the internet grows and includes all the people on planet earth, what will change, how will a truly connected people make the earth?  What happens to Nationalistic countries when they can’t control the flow of information to the people of their country?

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Bruce Lee’s got Quickness

January 16, 2007

Don’t mess.