Twitter and thank you T-mobile for Unlimited SMS

March 23, 2007

I have been using Twitter lately. It has been blowing up since SXSW, and that may be true but I got hooked on it a Macworld when Don McAllister used it to update what he was doing there.
The simplest things are great ways to break down the walls of communication between people around the world.
A great example of this is twittervision
I know the conversations are basic right now but this shows the level of community that these technologies can bring. Think of what this map will look like if a natural disaster or terrorist attack in Europe/ U.S.A.
Shouldn’t all my representative in Government have a Twitter page that I can send a message to instantly when i think of it. John Edwards does

Kottke has a great post about twitter


One Response to “Twitter and thank you T-mobile for Unlimited SMS”

  1. pistolpete said

    Given your interest in technology, you might like to read the essay, “Why I’m Not Going to Buy a Computer” by Wendell Berry – summarized on my blogspot – “Necessary Therapy”.

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