My Last Day at FedEx…Forever

March 23, 2007

This post has been sitting here waiting for something for too long:

I have toiled and grinded out the last 6.5 years working for one of the most respected companies in the world. What can be said about moving on. Adios Amigos. On Friday February 23rd 2007 I will put on the FedEx uniform for the last time. I will Scan and VAN and POD packages for the last time. I will look at my watch at 10:25 am for the last time. I will climb a 3 floor walk up for the last time. I will argue over who takes which package for the last time. I will double park, illegally park and not pay the meter …for the last time. No more hot summer days with a truck interior temperature of 118 F. No more Slushy, cold , windy days. No more “Oh I don’t sign for that” bullshit. None of it.

I have to say that FedEx has done me pretty good for those six very long years. I had a part -time job with health and pension benefits. FedEx paid for some of my undergrad college tuition. I used the FedEx flight benefits to travel. I even shipped stuff for real cheap.

A co-worker of mine said to me the other day that there are assholes everywhere you work. and I have to agree with him. Even in my career choice of teaching Social Studies there will be principals and co-workers who do not make my life easier. In fact they will frustrate me to no end. That being said, I will be happier, so much happier, because of the goal I have in my job. Not to line the pockets of Fred Smith, or increase the value of the stocks of the shareholders of the Company, but to educate the kids of this Country. I do have a some what idealized view of how cool it will be to teach everyday. But it is such a noble goal, that I feel that the toils and hardships that come with it will be worth the extra effort.


2 Responses to “My Last Day at FedEx…Forever”

  1. terry said

    You are very naive. I hope you won’t be teaching in the wasteland we call the public school system. Good luck.

  2. Phil said

    Good for you! Go for it! You have principles and an idealism that makes me optimistic and reinforces my belief that we aren’t a world entirely populated by cynical, self-seeking materialists. FedEx helped you along the way, but you have a higher ideal. Terry, you’re so wrong. We all have to learn on a journey of our own choosing and we won’t know if we like it until we try.

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