Digital Divide

February 24, 2007

Oya yubi sedai

which I think means “thumb tribe” in Japanese.  Cesar Studillo’s subject has grown up in a world that is dynamically different from the one ever we lived in.

 I can keep driving this idea home over and over again, but the internet, and all the subsystems of it, ( i.e. personal computers, cell phones, smart devices) is just beginning to have effects on our culture.  Those who backlash against it have not opened their eyes to how significantly different this world is.  A world of always connected.  A world of citizen journalism.  A world of democratized voices. 

It used to be that information was power.  Those that controlled information had power and doled out info like cowery beads in Africa, or wham-pam in New York.  There are no more Gatekeepers of information.  Not even Google is a gate keeper (quite the opposite).  When listening or reading world news, try and keep an eye on Governments or Corporations or trying to keep information limited.  Those organizations who try are dinosaurs now and will soon go extinct.

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