Anthro Proffesor Explains the Impact of the Internet on Humans Better than I Ever Could.

February 13, 2007

Watch the video.  via Techcrunch
As an observer, consumer of History, Anthropology and Technology this video gives a glimpse of the impact that the network( the internet) is having and will continue to have on humans.  Throughout history technology has changed the paradigm of the current system.  An often we can get cynical looking at the crap thats in front of us, like how hard it is to use technology sometimes  or a Myspace page or how google doesn’t understand what your really looking for. The more connected we  are the  more the internet  learns what we really want.

This map shows internet usage in 2005. heres the link. What we can see from this picture is that about 2/3 of the world population does not use the internet.  As the internet grows and includes all the people on planet earth, what will change, how will a truly connected people make the earth?  What happens to Nationalistic countries when they can’t control the flow of information to the people of their country?

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