The iPhone is Not a Revolution

January 11, 2007

On Tuesday Apple introduced the long expected iPhone is the masses of Mac-Fanatics.  While the device is surely a mastery of user interface, it does nothing to change the face of wireless in the U.S.  If Apple had done what I hoped, Steve would have not been exclusive with Cingular until 2009.  The only difference now is that costumers of Cingular will not get any deals that lower the price of the device. This is the same game T-mobile has with the Sidekick, or Cingular has
with the RAZR or CRZR whatEVR.  Or the same deal Verizon gets on the LG
ENVY, or Cingular gets with the BlackJack.  Its all bullshit, locking
customers into contracts, with specific devices that they want. 
one carrier in America is changing the dynamic of how much and how we
pay for mobility.  Another thing that worries me is the closed OS of
the iPhone.  If you want to develop for this platform of OSX with a
unique UI, then you need to get in touch with Apple.  This is exactly
what make phone UI suck right now.  Or rather, it is the open platform
of Windows and Apple computers that has made them so widely used. 
Anyone can program for them.  how else can people innovate in this
space?  Can Apple predict everything that people would like to see on
this device or their specific needs?  Nope.  Thats why an open platform
where anyone can develop programs for the device would benefit
everyone.   But there is Something Steve Jobs said that makes me
believe this won’t happen.  Jobs quoted a programmer that said,
who are really serious about software should make their own                 hardware”    
Alan Kay. 
   That doesn’t sound too good for the thousands of OSX
programmers who would love to extend the abilities of this device. And
in the end it doesn’t sound good to  the consumers either.
I will
stick to my Nokia e70. That is when I can afford it.

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