The World is Different Now.

January 4, 2007

I start with this video because I usually come from this techie geeky side of things.

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Shot with my Nokia E70 sitting in a rental car at Washingont/Dulles. I have the power to video blog from anywhere. Do you? Will you use it?

Ok “So what if a geek or too can shoot video from their rental car and upload it without a PC?” you ask.  Ha! I say, this is a monumental shift, more than we can even grasp right now. 

Next video has too points.

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  • the first point is this video made a difference in L.A.  The LAPD is still recovering from what happened after this video was seen by millions of Americans over and over again.  The outcome wasnt what was desired by all in end unfortunatley. There is an editor at the TV station and a news anchor that frame this debate or limit this debate and viewing. 
  • The second point is where I found this video. youtube.  Which means we are all editors. Potentially all 6 billion people in the world are editors and camera operators and commentators.  No need for the news editor to think its “news worthy”.  It already is because you posted it.

As the fourth state continues to put profits before the needs of its viewers, the people find a new medium.  A new way of connecting and relating and expressing.  This is a shift of great proportions. 

The last video shows the power of those so called “geek toys” I keep raving about

if the html doenst work click here

The mess this video that wasn’t supposed to be taken is having repercussions around the world.  The former Iraqi President shows some juevos as he is put to death.  I do not condone Saddam’s treatment of the Iraqi citizens nor with the death penalty, bu this video demonstrates the powerlessness of the governments against the new media paradigm, people powered media. 

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