Rationale for blogging

December 7, 2006

It is not like I really have to justify this adventure; Do people who write on bathroom stalls justify their writings?  Nope.  And yea, most of it is shit but occasionally it entertains for a few moments.

Lets just call this thing an exercise.  Like in College English class when you brought in writings and shared it with the class and you got feedback on it from your peers.  That peer review really helped make your writings clearer.  I think that is one thing I have been missing lately, is an outlet to all the media consumption I get. 

Another reason is that this new medium, the internet, is the future.  I am not talking about hype and “oh wow you got a gmail account”. I am talking about the internet as a communications device much like the Gutenberg press in 1452, the telegraph, radio, and the T.V.  So in the dawn of this new age of communication all the roles have not been defined yet.  It is a shift in power from the few who used to produce and edit all the entertainment and news to, everyones a producer.  And this exercise is an excuse for me to play around with this medium and become a producer rather than just a consumer.  One of my goals with this site is to  produce little  videos I  got floating around in my head. 
Savory Times will hopefully be more like this site and not like this site

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